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Meet our Team!

Meritta Sandles, Founder and CEO


Meritta Sandles is the founder and CEO of Westbrook Global.  She is known for her love of the community, especially the youth. She holds a bachelor's in education, with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education. Originally from California, she moved to Arizona where she taught in the Mesa Public School district in Arizona. In 2012, she decided to take the opportunity to teach in the United Arab Emirates. After visiting the country Uganda, she felt the need to do more. 


She knows that for actual change to happen, everyone must have access and an opportunity to education, a decent place to live, and nutrition.   Westbrook Global will forward this change. Her first project launched was during the middle of the Covid 19 pandemic. Westbrook Global helped families and the community by providing the tools necessary to start a poultry farm. She plans to expand into other areas to facilitate economic growth and empowerment to end the poverty cycle.

Sabrina Chambers, Tourism and Film Director


Sabrina Chambers is a United States visionary with big dreams. She has lived abroad for four years in the United Arab Emirates, embracing her great eye for beautiful locations abroad, such as the continent of Africa. She believes these locations deserve to be on the big screen.


She holds a certificate in acting and modeling from John Casablanca's Acting & Modeling Center, USA. She is an upcoming inspiring actress, and her list of accomplishments includes diverse acting genres; domestic and international plays, an international music video, cameo appearances, and runway shows. In her early years, she played in several independent films. 

Sabrina leads the Westbrook Global tourism and film program. She has established a partnership with Unzip Africa Tourism Company that aligns with Westbrook Global's Mission of raising awareness about Uganda through travel experiences.

Brian Forest-Bosque, Agriculture Director



Brian is an Ugandan native, and proud to be of the Baganda Tribe. Because he comes from a large family of nine siblings, he is no stranger to hard work. Brian holds a certificate in Theological Studies from the Word of Life African Bible Institute, a branch of The Word of Life in New York. He also works with Afaayo Africa Ministries, Uganda, and Nzuri Daima, a Spanish-based Non-profit.


He speaks five languages, including English and Spanish. Brian is currently working with the Westbrook Global department of agriculture,  providing food for youth in the local community.

Colton Chambers, Construction Director


Colton Chambers  is a United States native who comes to Westbrook Global with the skill and the will to build.  He is a graduate of Job Corps,  Business Construction Technology Trade and is certified inHVAC/Refrigeration. 


As Construction Director, he is passionate about building schools, homes, and other structures for the Ugandan community and providing construction internships for local students in Kampala.

Amos Luzze, Community Relations Director

Screen Shot 2020-12-05 at 6.02.53 AM.png

Amos Luzze, Uganda native, has had the privilege of playing soccer in his local country of Uganda, professionally in Kenya and Tanzania. Through his passion for sports, he has discovered his true passion for helping those in the community navigate life challenges.

Dr. Iris Phillips, Education Director 

Iris Phillips Bio Picture.jpg

Iris is a United States native-born in the city of San Francisco.  In her previous career, Iris was a ballet dancer and danced for Dayton Contemporary Dance Company in Ohio, CA. 


She graduated with an EdD Doctorate in Education  from the  Educational Leadership Doctoral Program at San Francisco State University.  She received a Master's of Science degree in Industrial and organizational psychology from San Jose State University, and a Bachelor of Arts from the City University of New York, Harlem.


She has served as an educator in San Francisco for over 20 years, connecting students and parents with academic and community programs.  

Iris believes that education is essential to end generational poverty. As Education Director for Westbrook Global, she strives to break this cycle through building partnerships with primary local in Kampala schools.

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