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Westbrook Global is a Non-Profit organization established in Uganda and the United States of America. A single goal drives us; to enhance what Uganda has by offering a "hand-up"  through programs fostering entrepreneurship and financial sustainability. We strive to build productive relationships and positively impact the country of Uganda.


Meritta Sandles-Robinson

Founder and CEO

Back to School


Education is key to economic, environmental, and social growth.  With our mission always at the forefront, we constantly seek innovative strategies to enhance educational opportunities through partnerships with existing schools and academic programs.  Through entrepreneurial efforts, students have the opportunity to raise funds to support their academic pursuits. 

Fresh Vegetables

Agriculture and Farming

We uplift those in need by providing practical tools to overcome economic challenges.  Through job creation, we help to build the confidence to provide for themselves, those within their communities, and beyond.

Safari Sunrise

Tourism and Volunteering

Uganda is beautiful and vibrant, and many have not had the opportunity to visit!  From gorilla trekking adventures to rafting on The Nile, we invite you to join us for our fun excursions and an experience of a lifetime! 

Westbrook Global -01.png
Construction Site Supervisor


Through our construction internships, students gain hands-on experience and the tools and resources to build their own homes. With the knowledge and skills gained, students are well-positioned to seek entrepreneurial opportunities in construction.  

Helping Hands

Our Team in Action!

Westbrook Global -01.png


COVID 19 has had a devastating economic impact on Uganda. Many students cannot return to school due to a lack of funds to pay tuition fees.  

This is Mubiru Francis. He is a student at St. Jude's Secondary School, Masaka District in Uganda, Africa. He states that he is humbled that Westbrook Global helped him obtain the fees necessary for him to continue his academics. However, it is we that are humbled and grateful that we were able to help him pursue his dreams. You will hear more from him and hopefully others, in the near future. Your generous donations will help us continue to provide them with the education they need to be Global Leaders for the 21 Century.

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